Our Range of Services

Here at Independent Living West Country, we help to put lives back together. When life gets too much and coping with even the simplest job becomes a trial, we’re here to pick up the pieces.


Our one-to-one Support Workers provide a friendly face, helping our clients on their journey back toward independent living.


So, when tasks such as washing up, handling bills, shopping, and ensuring that benefits are collected become overwhelming, we’re here to help, giving our clients the support and confidence they need to rebuild their lives, one step at a time.


This is when our dedicated team of trained and qualified helpers make the difference that matters most.


Whether our clients need intense daily support or more soft touch assistance, we provide the continuity that counts.

Our range of services include:

  • Regular, friendly visits ranging from weekly visits to 1-6 hours of support a day

  • Washing up, laundry and household cleaning

  • Support, giving our clients the confidence to open and respond to mail

  • Reminders and help in completing paperwork necessary to collect benefits

  • Prompts to keep and attend appointments

  • Reminders to take medication

  • Assistance with shopping trips

  • Personal Independent Payment (PIP) advice and assistance with Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Universal Credit – ensuring our clients get the right level of benefits

  • Accompanied exercise and outings

  • Other services as needed by the individual client


We believe in creating a bespoke care/assistance package, which is arranged between our team and our clients, and which conutinually evolves to meet our clients’ needs as they change.

Our Health Promotion Prevention Strategy

Falling through the cracks – a bridge to recovery

All too often, when individuals leave the care of the NHS, those suffering from mental health challenges struggle to return to normality. Dealing with mental health issues is a struggle that does not change overnight. Even those who cope well away from the care system struggle without regular support. This is when individuals are at most risk of slipping back towards a mental health crisis.


Independent Living West Country helps cushion the transition. Our team visit our clients on a regular basis allowing positive forward momentum. Understanding clients as we do, we can identify when life becomes a struggle; spotting and managing triggers that can result in mental health flares. Aware of tipping points, we can ensure that County Council Support Workers remain updated so that our clients get the support they need, when they need it, helping to avoid acute incidents that can result in a return to the care of the NHS.


Even simple things, such as asking if clients have remembered to take their medication or attend appointments, can make all the difference.


This all falls under our health promotion and prevention strategy, putting the wellbeing of our clients first so that mental health crises are reduced, and the journey toward independence is supported. 

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