Vision and goals

Our goal is to help individuals that suffer from mental health concerns, to find their path to living independently, confident in their own abilities and able to lead their lives without formal support.


We believe in respect and excellence of service, which is why all our client support team are highly trained and committed to the best standards. Many of our staff have NVQ2’s in Health and Social Care leading into NVQ3. Moreover, all our staff are chosen for their care giving qualities, including a genuine caring attitude and an understanding of those suffering with mental health conditions.


We are the bridge that provides assistance from the point that clients are discharged from hospital or the formal care system, to the point that they can stand on their own two feet enjoying the richness of independent living.


For some, living independent may not be possible, in which case we create an environment that encourages greater independence, yet with the safety net of support ever present.


We adopt a health promotion and prevention strategy, whereby we assist clients with their everyday needs, providing a friendly and familiar face and tailored support designed to help them on their personal journey towards the ultimate goal of independence.


Providing a consistent, reliable, personal touchpoint in the daily lives of our clients, we aid positive transformation and growth.


We’re also there when life becomes harder, helping clients through tougher times, providing a trusted companion to put them back on their feet, reducing the likelihood of and regularity of mental health crises.


Knowing and understanding our clients as we do, we can spot when things aren’t right, enabling us to work with County Council Support Workers to ensure that individuals get the care they need, before a mental health issue becomes acute. Our aim is always to reduce the likelihood of return to the formal care system, alleviating pressure on both the formal care system and the NHS, and helping to prevent instances as extreme as self-harm or even suicide.

Our Future Vision

Independent Living West Country’s long-term goal is to expand the geographic area that we support. Growing out from our offices in Exeter, we aim to provide a service to the whole of the South West within the next 5 years.


Our next step has been to provide services to clients in Cornwall and we will be expanding our offer in North Devon, where we are looking to recruit staff to deliver our range of services to North Devon Council and Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.


In the medium term, we aim to set up a Respite home, called Safe Haven, providing a friendly, safe environment, helping to reduce the number of clients going into hospital. 

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