Introducing Alison, Support Worker

Alison joined Independent Living West Country (ILWC) as a Support Worker in April 2019. Having worked as a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support in a primary school when she lived in Jersey, she naturally builds positive relationships based on trust with people and their families.

Possessing an abundance of patience, empathy and compassion, Alison is perfectly placed to work within the care sector. In her time at the school on the Channel Islands, she found it easy to form connections with children of all ages, particularly those who needed additional support. Her positive spirit led the children to mirror her positivity - she always had a few following her down the school halls.

Having relocated to Devon in 2015, Alison worked in social care, which is how she met Marie Tolly, Founder of Independent Living West Country, at Precious Homes in Torquay. Having worked in a similar care-orientated role, supporting those with learning disabilities, autism and other health needs, Marie knew Alison would be the perfect fit for her team at ILWC – and she wasn’t disappointed. “All our clients love Alison,” says Marie. “At times we wish we could clone her.”

Alison has changed the lives of so many individuals for the better during her time at ILWC.

One of the many examples she shares is her recent work with a client suffering with anxiety, trauma and other acute mental health conditions. When Alison first met her client, they had just moved into a new flat. They had lots of old belongings and mismatched furniture, which overwhelmed the small space. Alison could see that this was having a detrimental impact on her client’s mental health. So, week by week, Alison worked with her client to declutter the living space, transforming the flat into a home that they could be truly proud of and feel happy in.

Alison says, “Limited self-belief is often a direct outcome of poor mental health. It can be completely debilitating and prevent individuals from achieving goals which are entirely within their reach. My favourite part of my work is being able to encourage people to achieve their goals – no matter how big or small they may be.”

Alison also assists clients with day-to-day activities such as cleaning, cooking, and reminding them to take medication.

“By breaking up tasks into small manageable chunks, and just being there to provide encouragement if they need it, my clients are able to achieve so much so quickly,” says Alison. “It’s so rewarding being able to help them on their path to independence”.

Alison’s approach has led to many plaudits. As a daughter of one of her clients explains: “When Alison Manning comes to our house the sun shines. She changes our house to a happy environment.

“Alison isn’t just an amazing lady for helping my mum, she is a guardian angel with a positive impact on our whole family.

“When my mum has time with Alison, she becomes so much calmer and Alison allows her to learn new skills to cope with her anxieties.

“An example of this would be cooking and making our family favourite cheese sauce and vegetable lasagne.

“Alison has also guided mum with her academic development, teaching her how to read twenty-four-hour time. This allowed her to learn a new skill and made her feel so empowered. Thank you very much for pairing Alison with my mum!”

You can find out more about our range of services here or get in touch with one of the team on 01392 467007.

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